Mosquito Repellent Bracelets - 10 Pack

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SAY GOODBYE TO BUGS, MOSQUITOES & PESTS ONCE & FOR ALL! – The Mosquito Repellent Bracelets are here to keep all those irritating bugs away from you and your family and help you enjoy sting-free holidays!

ARE YOU A MOSQUITO-MAGNET? HERE’S THE QUICK SOLUTION! – Our Mosquito Repellent Bracelets are enriched with natural Lavender, Eucalyptus, Citronella and Peppermint oils, which are natural and powerful bug repellents for maximum protection!

SO COMFY, YOU’LL FORGET YOU’RE WEARING THEM! – You don’t have to wear ugly patches or spray dangerous chemical DEET on your skin anymore in order to keep bugs away! Our stylish, odorless and super-light weight Mosquito Repellent Bracelets are extremely comfy so you can protect yourself in style!

NO MORE RUINED CAMPING TRIPS OR BBQs FOR YOU! – Want to host a Sunday BBQ or go on a family camping trip? Just offer Mosquito Repellent Bracelets to your guests, friends, kids, etc. and rest assured that those irritating bugs will not even come near you!

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Customer Reviews

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Bernie C.

These are really a good deal for the price. All the ingredients are natural and safe for you, your kids and your pets. You get the most protection if you wear one bracket on one wrist and another one on the opposite ankle. These would work great if you were a scout leader or your kid(s) were in some kind of group that does a lot of outdoor things or simply going camping with your family.

Matt R.

In Arizona right now the mosquitos are coming out. I have used these for our night time baseball games for my kids and self. We sit in the grass to watch the games and you can just see them flying around sometimes. These just slip on, don’t smell like bug spray and keep the mosquitos off of us. I’m happy to say these work.

Amber K.

We love to go camping and so do a lot of our family members. Most of us love essential oils and use a lot of non toxic products. These bracelets are great for that. We took them this weekend and they worked great! We will definitely be purchasing these again and again!

Susan H.

I’m really excited about these for summer! Because they’re something kids would want to wear and the colors are awesome I see very little arguing in my future. The kids begged to wear them the first few days because I made the mistake of opening the box in front of them but that again reassured me these were a great buy! We got to use them today when we did yard work and no big bites or nasty bug spray was needed! Yay! Great colors and fun solution to a pesky problem.

Judy S.

I like that you can just stick these on the kids and forget about them! Nothing’s worse than a child tearing their skin up because you didn’t spray 4 days a day. Mom wants to relax when she camps too!!