Luxury 24K Gold Anti Wrinkle Essence

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Make Wrinkles and Dark Circles Vanish!

Experience the dramatic result in removing and managing wrinkles conveniently.

This non-surgical cream is clinically proven safe and effective using the most advanced ingredients in intensive skin treatment.

  • Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles: Enhances the elasticity of the skin cells instantly with natural collagen and silk protein making your face radiant, smooth and firm.
  • Fade Away Dark Circles and Wrinkled Eyes: The micronutrients found in this cream softens wrinkles and fine lines while dark circles become visibly lighter.
  • Easily Maintain Healthy Radiant Skin: Applying this cream easily fits into your morning beauty regimen
  • Get the Expert Skin Treatment for Less: Repairs dull and uneven skin so you can have that fresh and polished glow without spending thousands on surgery.
  • Made from Safe and Natural Extracts: Contains the natural essence of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid Essence, and Silk Protein.
This breakthrough product is a necessity in removing visible signs of aging and achieving that pearly translucent skin.

    1. Wash and clean your skin thoroughly. Pat dry with a towel gently and make sure your skin is completely dry.
    2. Unscrew the lid, gently push the needle until having your desired amount of cream in the palm.
    3. Apply the cream to your face and neck and spread evenly by massaging with your fingertips in a circular motion.
    4. Continue massaging until the cream has been fully absorbed by the skin
    • Shelf life: 3 years
    • Package: 1 x silk protein hyaluronic acid essence concentrate 10ml
    • Ingredients: Water, Glycerol, Butyl glycol, Silk gelatin protein, Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, Dipotassium glycyrrhizate, Cyclopentameric dimethylsiloxane, Sodium acrylate/acryloyl dimethtaurine sodium copolymer, Sodium hyaluronate, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Methylisothiazolone, EDTA disodium

      This is the most effective non-surgical treatment that minimizes pores to achieve a youthful glow and radiant polished skin.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Chelsea M.

      Honestly, I wasn't expecting too much from this but my friend uses this and told me to try this. I'm on my third pack now. This is by far my favorite treatment of this kind. Creates a very even skin tone and blends fully into the skin. My overall skin complexion is much better. Would recommend!

      Martha D.

      I took photos before I started using this product, so I can see if it works or not. I have dry skin type. I loved the result and I will order it again.

      Sydney R.

      I am mid 30's. I try to use keep with my skin quite often. My skin is extremely dry. I decided to order this to give it a try based off the reviews. Upon applying the cream the first 3 days twice a day. I noticed my skin was dewy, had a glow and I did get small white heads here and there. My skin is soft and it's been a while since it was this soft. Started intake on more water daily. This is just great.

      Vanessa B.

      I've been using this for 4 months. It's a great overall but the best thing is it has helped smooth out those wrinkle lines in my forehead.This stuff works! And trust me, I've tried a dozen miracle creams and moisturizers that did not give me such obvious results. Highly recommend!

      Cassie. A.

      I have been using this stuff only a week and am very pleased with the results. I am 52 and trying to slow down the aging process. I feel young and want my skin to reflect how I feel.